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Memory Elena - 2 fans 1 hoop
Purchase 4 inch SIL-X Silicone Color  
7th December, 2016
Nice balls, yo
"Love it! Great quality, fast shipping, etc. Thanks HoP!"
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Purchase Medium Monkey Fist wicks  
15th October, 2007
Monkey Fisting - Feels So Gooood
"After sticking with giant cathedrals for 3 years it was time to visit the monkeys. While the heads are half the size of my cathedrals they still let off a sizable (and more manageable) flame. Because of the concentrated weight the compact nature of the heads make poi tossing really tight. The internal swivel action is a plus too - I hate swivels on my chains and refuse to use them so this gives me the benefit of swivels without the extra hardware. What struck me the most though is how well these heads hold fuel; spinning them off nets barely any excess fuel - which is only bad if you like to leave fire trails. Overall I'm very happy with my new monkeys - thanks HoP!"
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