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Purchase Multi-Color LED Poi ball  
11th July, 2007
Awesome poi rivals fire
"These are really the true second place to fire poi. Some people even like them more than fire due to their changing colors long spin time and saftey. I should note that they are rather light at least compared to monkey fists. These poi have been promoted for their soft construction. While it is true they aren't as hard as Kevlar Poi they are NOT soft. In fact you can hurt yourself quite nicely with them especially if you hit yourself in the face. Because of their lightness its very easy to spin them very fast. This makes up for their lightness and you can certainly injure yourself with them (I speak from experience.) Overall wonderful poi for the dry season parties before and after fire shows..."
, USA  [Verified Buyer]
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Service & support  
11th July, 2007
HOP really is the best hands down.
"Firstly I should say that no company is perfect. Everyone is human and therefore makes a mistake now and again. Most companies are pretty good at addressing those issues. HOP is no exception to that rule. What really amazes me about HOP is how far above that bar they go. If the shipping company makes a mistake HOP will usually glady reship items trusting you to return them. Should you wear out an item they may well replace it free of charge. I consider this to go way beyond their responsibility. I really don't have any words for expressing how amazing these guys are when it comes to support. All I can say is that they have the best support of any company I've dealt with bar none. Keep up the good work guys!"
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Purchase Medium Monkey Fist wicks  
25th April, 2007
Execellent Intermediate Poi
"I've been using these poi for about a year now. I've gone through three pairs and so far they are my all-around favorite poi. They have a good weight soak fuel well and burn for a pretty decent time (~5 minutes). One thing to note with these ALWAYS put a protective sock/bag over them when practicing. If you don't the poi can get torn up on the top when they tangle. All in all highly recommended."
, USA  [Verified Buyer]
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