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Spinning Trance, Rave/Parties of the techno nature, Snowboarding, Running, More+


Im flying away, running like the wind as i chase the sun up and spinning around, circles in my mind sailing over ground feeling the flow that Dj Tact brings down. My image is reflecting in the enemys eyes, flesh of my flesh mind of my mind. To over come want more to survive, my image is reflecting in the enemys eyes, and the enemy is reflect in the same time. I cant stop, flesh of my flesh mind of my mind, right here is where the angle start at, conflict contact, and combat, fighters say where there land is marked at, settle the dispute about whose the loudest, strongest, endless, only one of us will ride forever, so you and I cant ride togther, cant live... cant die together, all we can do is collide together, so i skillfully apply the pressure, wont stop till im forever. My doorstep where death never comes, walk tall why ever run?

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