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Circus Artist, Gymnastics Coach, Model, Fire Dancer


Chicago, USA


Circus Arts: Aerial Silks, Sports Acro, Adagio, Handbalance, Russian Bar, Trapeze, Unicycling, Juggling, Fire Poi/ Breathing/ Eating,


Boredom is a powerful incentive........

Purchase 3mm S/S Oval Quicklink  
6th February, 2006
gotta have the links
"everyone loves quick links....atleast i hope they do...... what else would keep a burning wick tethered to your poi....twine...crazy glue.... yea couldent think of anything could ya!....Hurrah for quick links HoP has the best on the market! (by the way who else in thier right mind would give you a reveiw for links? i could tell you who...but i think i just did...."
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Purchase 2.5inch Mura fire heads  
5th January, 2006
Great wick
"i recently made a fire rope dart for a good friend of mine. he spins like crazy and is constantly destroying wicks so far this is the only wick that has survived him this long. its a pretty sturdy wick with a good weight for beginners. overall this is a great wick for either poi or dart."
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Purchase Medium Monkey Fist wicks  
25th November, 2005
Greatest wicks ever!!!!!! (not for beginers)
"these are the best wicks i have ever worked with!!!! they may be heavy for some people and when practicing if you hit yourself it feels like your getting punched but their advantages are worth the pain. they look so much better when their burning like two Huge flaming comets. Not to mention these things burn forever and attract alot of attention :D"
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Purchase Pro Cathedral Fire Poi Medium  
10th October, 2005
You guys are amazing
"this is the best set i have ever worked with. its a perfect weight for me and after several months (using the tips on keeping the wick last longer) they still look brand new :D. they tangle less than ball chains and their alot more forgiving as well. plus the large cathedral wicks look so cool on fire."
, USA  [Verified Buyer]
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