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burning bonsai
Purchase Cath. S/S Eyebolt Kit  
15th June, 2016
DIY fire poi heads
"used these to make my own fire poi heads worked nice very happy with them"
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Purchase PX3 Knob  
15th June, 2016
good practice poi handle
"very good practice poi handles somewhat hard and hurt if you don't catch tosses. I read that you can put skateboard bearings in them instead of using swivels and it adds weight for contact poi moves"
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Purchase PodPoi and USB cords  
3rd August, 2014
podpoi are the best
"I love my pod poi they stay charged forever and are super soft. i got them because on flowtoys website it states that the silicone podshell does not discolor or absorb dirt but in the podpoi manual that comes with the poi it tells you the suns uv rays compromises all plastics so you shouldnt expose them to sunlight witch is sad because i wanted to play with them all the time.my freind has had his for a few months and plays with them all the time and they havent taned like crystal cases but they do get squishyer but they may also tan over time from exposure to sunlight but that is ok because they now offer podpoi parts on HOP!!!! witch means even if your pods get all taned and scratched you can get new ones and still use your old ones to play with in the daytime and for practice."
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