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Purchase No. 10 Swivel  
21st July, 2011
A well designed necessity!
"If you've ever been spinning your sock poi cone poi or spandex poi; felt the poi unwrapping itself from being all twisted up and it affected your spinning possibilities then it is time to invest in these. No. 10 ball bearing swivels from HOP and there munchkins solve all of those problems and ones you may not have encountered yet. By having these attached to your poi you won't find them either. Your spinning feels more fluid your orbitals/hyperloops airwraps and .....uperloops become so much easier. I have noticed that when I first got them they had some friction inside. I put some lubrication oil inside and now they spin freely and essentially forever once attached to some weight. I periodically do this and have not had any problems since. Happy spinning!"
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Purchase 5/32 inch ColeCord  
30th June, 2011
What a feel!
"There is something about this cole cord: it's soft feel cool design slight springyness fair price... I'm not quite sure what does it but it makes spinning that much more enjoyable. I've taken my colecord and created a set of poi that contain a single loop handle swivel a single piece of colecord looped through the handle's swivel and doubled back to the head the two ends being knotted through the eye of the second swivel located at the head and the weighted tennis balls or HOP Pro LED heads. This doubled up colecord set of poi has become my favorite. Wraps are more comfortable. Orbitals hyperloops and .....uperloops are much easier. Stalls/bumps have become possible to me and all this because of practice of course as well as the fantastic colecord. I like these now better than socks spandex panty hose or cone poi. If you're reading this review considering it then add me to the assuming countless others in agreement. You will too once you give it a go. Happy spinning!"
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Service & support  
4th June, 2011
Looking for Poi supplies and you are here? Look no more!
"My friend this is the site you have been looking for. Time and again Home of Poi(HOP) has proven itself in reliability customer service product quality and FREE informative tutorials on how to do the things their products can do. Did I mention this is all at a great price! Did I mention this is all at a great price? HOP has all of your needs from the people's forums to the friendly staff members and products; the holy grail has been found..."
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