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Posted:OK, now I've seen alot of discussion about what the moves section needs/doesn't need etc etc but let me put a point in.....

Personally, I think the moves section is great, especially with the videos, but, it doesn't show all the moves that newbies (like me) don't quite understand how to complete. If you don't get to see someone doing it in person, the move can become lost in a description when folks are just discussing it in a thread.
By this I mean throws, thunderloops etc etc. I think the moves section could be improved (or rather expanded) but only a little.

Does anyone else think the moves section could do with updating with a few new additions?

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Posted:Might try checking out "The Poi Book" by Michal Kahn, it has the moves broken down and illustrated piece-by-piece to where you can really visualize the mechanics involved. The book covers several basic, intermediate, and not-so-basic moves that a poi beginner will find invaluable.

I've been trying to negotiate a "Poi Book 2" with Michal but she didn't seem interested yet

Otherwise if you're trying to learn new moves I would recomend the Videos forum, there's a plethora of inspiring and educational videos in those threads.

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