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I've just seen the start of David Blaines latest endurance feat on tv.

44 days in a box with no food.

It only fully dawned on me as I watched the documentary bits how hard it's going to be, I felt a little scared for him.

I guess most people won't understand why he's doing it, and will thinks he's into it for the publicity or is nuts.

I hope he comes out of it ok.

There's info on: -

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(right I have my flame retardant clothing.... let the rant begin! )

I don't think anyone here was seriously considering pelting Mr Blaine with Rock, Eggs, Paintballs or nekkid wimmen.

And those that are, are the alcoholically disadvantaged, on their way back from wherever and think it'll be a good idea. Or the odd hormonally challenged 13 yr old with a laser pointer for his birthday. (I do think actual direct physical action is abhorant(sp?) and these people should be stopped!)

It does sound like people are taking some comments about this a little too seriously!

tbh, respect to him for attempting this *IF* he is doing it without food, remember his job description is ILLUSIONIST.

All major Bookmakers in the UK are refusing to take bets on this, as they don't believe he's doing it for real.

I agree you can't fool people with the pole standing (that was really cool!), but I've heard the ice one is not that much of a challenge as your body quickly heats the air directly around you so as not to make it that cold, and As Pele suggested earlier it is possible to set up the "burried alive stunt" with various trap doors.

I know ppl have said that "Surely someone would notice them digging 2 holes..." well maybe, but then again, if they dug the extra hole 3 weeks ago... maybe not, and I assume a "digger" is likely to be a Stunt Coordinator employed directly by Mr Blaine, with a suitably large salary and some funky contract clause which stops him going to the press...

Your also suggesting that jeering and poking fun is always a bad thing! OK let us remove Private Eye and Punch then, two publications which constantly poked fun, and "jeer" but achieve (although to a very minor extent) political reform by highlighting the folly of various political postures.

it's not just the British who have this attitude but Humans in general, are there no satirical comedians, comic artists or writers in the rest of the world?

(/rant.... let the flaming begin! )


P.s. no offence intended to anyone.
I'm in a ranting mood and I'm bored @ work.
hugz all round!!

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pele - i have to agree with dave that just because there is a way to complete blaine's stunts with tricks and illusions, it doesn't mean he necessarily used them.
this is why i asked for the name of the debunking book (and assumed correctly that you wouldn't give it to me!) as i wanted to read for myself and see if it was presented as 'blaine did this' or if it was the more common 'this is how he could have done it'.
to be fair to the man, unless a member of his staff or he himself has admitted that he did not perform what he claimed to then i would like to believe he actually did it.
he certainly looked pretty freaked out when he got out of that ice block!

if i found evidence that the coffin or ice block stunts were faked i would lose most of the respect i have for the man.
sensationalising what would be in essence a lie, to the level that this one is at (worldwide attention, millions of dollars in sponsorship) would disgust me.
blaine claims to have had an intense spiritual experience during the 7 day isolation stunt and has since been a religious person.
if he is lying about how he came to this mind state i would have no time for anything he has to say or do in the future.

if you want to present yourself as a magician, do so. yes, pretend that you're actually going to do it but don't then come on my tv spouting shit about how you view your trick as a spiritual journey and compare yourself to the saints (a la the pole stunt).
not only is it unnecessary, an almost irrellevant aside from the feat itslf, but moreover it is insulting to someone that has sought spiritual enlightenment through similar acts.

by coincidence, penn and teller are quite likely my favourite magicians/illusionists too.
the main reason: they make me laugh. and unlike other magic acts, the comedy does not seem 'bolted on' - it is intrinsic to their act.
however, i find that they are very astute in how much they will tell their audiences though - it seems to me that if they work out something for themselves, a variation or somesuch, then they will reveal the standard part of the illusion to their audience (which pisses off lots and lots of professional magicians that are not world famous nor have their own tv shows) and then surprise them with their variation, keeping that part secret.
very clever men those two.

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