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Swag, in this use, is the stuff you can buy at an event. T-shirts, keychains, mousepads, mugs, photo's for an autograph, etc....

What are you more likely to buy in person? Online?Overall What do you prefer?

Thanks and !

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t-shirts if im at a gig.....and i actually have money left over.

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In person unless it's from hop ( i know malcom does a good job on Quality control).

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i would prolly buy tshirts, stickers/pins, or photos for an autograph at an event and anything else online or somewhere else.

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Tshirts in Person. Still cautious about handing out credit card details online and not organised enough to do cheques etc.
I do like funky teatowels as presents from travelling friends.

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I buy most of my swag online, but if there's a design I haven't seen before or an unusual artefact of swag, reasonably priced, I'll probably buy it in person. At a gig I could forsee problems in buying certain things and leaving with them unscathed, though my stage-diving days are long gone

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Hmm lets see, CDs, T's and pins. I don't know of anyone who's bought a mug at an event... except at the beer festival (who wouldn't buy a mug at a beer fest!). T's and pins are nice cause you can put them on right away and not worry about losing them. CDs are a bit more fragile, but nice to have, and you can get them autographed :-). All these things I prefer to buy on the spot to 'remember the moments'.

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Posted: skint...

but anything froma website... as long as they are reputable.. (is that the right word?)

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well i likedifferent types of mugs becouse of my sister.
she collect mugs from different ocasins and i like when shy's happy so if iam somewhere where i can buy mug that she dosn'thave i buy it for her
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I'm not much of a pack-rat, so I rarely buy trinkets and I'm up to my ears in T-shirts, but if I'm going to buy that sort of stuff, I'll do so in person.


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We "give away for a donation" oversized colour postacrds, vinyl stickers, and temporary tattoos after our shows. The tattoos are by far the most popular. We hand out twice as many of the tattoos as either of the other items. Postcards are second most popular, black and white stickers are third.

Definitely go for the tattoos. You can sell the postcards for more, though, because they're bigger and in full colour.

The kids also really dig cheese. Lots of Ash Circle cheese selling these days. We also saved some of the NY Street Boys' sweat, and we're selling that via an online auction. It's up to $400 so far. Check out'llBuyAnyway/famouspeople/NYStreetBoysSweat/

We're going to be breaking into the online selling soon enough. Probably t-shirts/spaghetti tops and maybe notebooks for the back-to-school crowd. I find Cafepress charges a pretty high base price, though. Does anyone know of other online shops that are cheaper?


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I think i'm the only one who actually tried to goto that site... heh

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