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Posted:Yesterday morning, at about 2am, I was woken up by one of the most unreal noises. My flatmate was screaming "fire!"

I guess when some thing like that happens, your mind goes somewhere else, and thank god, adrenaline just takes over. My other flatmate banged on my door, and I just grabbed a blanket and ran out.

Our kitchen had an electrical fire in the middle of the night. It started in the faulty exhaust fan, which we have never used, because it's always been broken. After being on for a while (which we were unaware of) the engine finally blew, and set fire to the casing. Soon the blind caught fire, and then the engine componant of the exhaust fan fell into our kitchen and set some of the plastic containers on the benchtop alight. The fire then spred to the lino on the floor from the dripping burning plastic, and started up across the ceiling...

What woke my flatmate, was the sound of banging and popping as things started to burn. She thought I was in the kitchen making a noise. She finally got out of bed to tell me off, because she heard something break, (which turned out to be the window shattering from the heat).

I always thought of fire as being "clean", I think, because the fuel we use for spinning is relatively smoke and odour free. On the way past the kitchen yesterday morning, all I could see was a roiling brown over a dirty orange glow, and the heat.

At the time, my brain was all foggy, we breathed in abit of that horrible burnt plastic smoke, being asleep when it started. I wasnt thinking that great, and sitting outside on the concrete wrapped in my bedcovers, listening to things pop and smash just seemed incredibly surreal. The firemen turning up just felt like an inconvenience because I was cold and wanted to go back to sleep.

Things seem alot more different now. We walked through the kitchen after it was put out, I remember seeing a teaspoon next to the exhaust fan engine that was completely bent and charcoal. Seemed strange using a normal teaspoon later to stir coffee at a friends place.

Last night I didnt sleep so good. Everytime the wind banged something, I woke up terrified. Everytime my flatmate said something in the other room, I'd wake up nearly crying. I took five minutes to get the courage to walk into my bedroom, because the light flickering under the door from my lamp, suddenly looked orange and brown... I'm back at work today, after a full day of cleaning and laundromatting everything yesterday. Just wishing I wasnt so jumpy.

Anyways, the point of all this, was to ask you all a favour.

When you get home tonight, PLEASE please, check your smoke alarm. Ours didnt have a battery in it. If my flatmate hadnt woken up, theres a likelyhood I would be here to write this. So Please, do me a favour, Check your smoke alarm.


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Posted:wow.... this is so incredible. Flynt --- Long Warm

i have to say this and it is so stupid i know. but i am stubborn in many ways. every smoke alarm in every place i have ever lived, i have disabled. they were always annoying to me. i know the risk i run... stupid.

whats the point of being a vegetarian for health reasons but not letting a smoke alarm work to help protect lives?

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i am so happy that you are ok and wow it is ok to be jumpy. take care of yourself and ill see you soon, give you big hugs and check Your smoke alarm



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