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Posted:Hi everyone my name is David completely new to the WWW. and message boards as i have spent the past twenty years doing what i call Fire/Glowstick Twisters, some people mistake them for nunchakas which there definatly not. i might not be able to give advice on the fuel or certain safty aspects.I do have a lot of experiance in using them. so if i can be of any help to anyone please feel free to ask. Twisters is just a hobby. ------------------Twist for the joy of it.


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Posted:welcome to the BB David ! Just checked your website, quite nice indeed
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Do you have a picture of these twisters when they are not being used so that I can see how they actually look ?Cassandra

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Posted:Hi Cassandra Tank you for the kind words. if you go to page 4 Glowstick twister tips there is a diagram of a pair of Glowstick Twisters as for the Fire Twisters,if anyone thinks they are capabile of using fire twisters, as they can be dangerous to the user. if they leave there e:mail or they e:mail me i will see what i can do

Posted:Hi david, I just checked out your site, and I have to say, much respect!however, the java applet you are loading in the top window makes your website very hard to use on Netscape 4.7 Mac, and slow on Internet Explorer 5 on Mac. Your twisters look cool
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Posted:Hi Josh Thank you for your comments they were greatfuly recived. as for the problem with the java ithink i have worked out what it was and rectified it , as i am using a computer that's 9 years old everything it does is very slow. if you or anyone eles has any ideas how i could improve the site please let me know. Thanks David