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We were just discussing in a poi moves thread, dreaming of moves you had never before thought of and then being able to do them when you wake up.

Just wondering how many other people have come up with poi or staff moves etc... whilst dreaming.

I personally have found myself falling asleep seeing poi moves and patterns in my head. Occasionally I have dreamt up new moves I had not thought of. Most recently coming up with buzzsaw revolving seperations and stalls, but I have definitly come up with others in my sleep before.

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When this happens to me, I end up waking up and running outside immediatly until I have it down pat. I daydream them sometimes too, just closing my eyes and relaxing into a meditative state and sometimes the move just materializes in my head.. or the feeling of how to do it at least. It's a lot easier to follow how certain air wraps go together and come apart this way!

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Why would it be so unusual to dream new moves?

In our dreams we are not restrained by such physical limitations as gravity, or having elbows that don't bend in every direction imaginable.

When we dream, we can envision the move in its 'raw' form, unfettered by such restrictions. Then when we understand the mechanics of a move, it makes it easier to adapt into the physical.

Or so I believe anyway....

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yeah i do that - think up crazy unaccomplishable moves.

Thats why its called dreaming!!!

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hmmm... sometimes i dream about twirling i cant awake myself and i don't remember if i do new moves but ...

... i like watch when my friends twirling i watching watching and suddenly i've got something in my mind ...

... and sometimes it is new move !!!

but significantly often it's just others still revealing for me thoughts

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Sometimes just watching someone twirling i just go very calm and just watch and get caught up in the hand and arm movements and imagine what it feels like and then when i try the move myself if comes a lot more naturally. have yet to actually DREAM a move though it sounds like a fantastic idea

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i have real difficulty remembering anything i dream - can you remember how many dreams you had during the night, when you wake up? daydreaming new movements and combinatins however, happen quite alot, and at times when i should be concentrating - like at a job interview or on the toilet.
It helps to have a concise movement notation system, cus you only have to write it down to prevent forgetfulness robbing you of a mad new movement...

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2 words: lucid dreaming

sadely i only LD about once a week, and when i do poi is usually the last thing on my mind to use my 5 mins of fun for , but it is most fun to spin without any normal laws and i can how if you did it regularly would be good to not just practice but think up whole new move concepts which in waking life would just take too much pain to come up with

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i ainthad a proper dream in years, i have those freaky half awake half asleep morning dreams, and i get thosea few times week!

dose that count, and usually i am ofetn dreaming about something weird not poi...sorry

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i love dreaming up new paterns! the mind is a very suggestive thing, it can also be the best tool for practice, to bad you can control your dreaming all the time and use it for practice if thats what you wanted to use it for! i know about lucid dreaming, but to bad you couldnt dream of practicing as easily as going and picking up your poi.

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