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Posted:Ok. A friend of mine, a novice staff twirler, had a blood test this afternoon. There was much need for celebration this evening, so celebrate we did! Then when out for some staff practice. My friend was playing with a practice staff and I was playing with my new Fire Staff.Just before I walked out, I hit Protie's new page where she teaches the Poi weave with a staff. This got me to thinking. Why not try all my Poi Moves with staff to see what works and what doesn't? Whoah. This was just the thinking I needed! For the first time, the staff clicked for me. After dorking arround with the staff for over a month now, saying how it just wasn't the same as Poi, I have now seen the light! When done properly, the staff *will* give you the same feeling, the same rush, as Poi. Trust me on this one!Ok, now for the secret. Actually, there are two secrets. The first I already mentioned. Go in with a vague notion that you are not twirling staff but spinning Poi. The second is to get the basic twirl movement down. I cannot express this enough! Go to this page and learn it well: is the key to getting the staff to work. If you cannot get this down, you will be severely limited in where you can go.Anyways, off to bed now that the adrenaline high has worn off. I'm certain there will be more to come...-p.

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Posted:good one pj
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staff about synchronicity - I just posted a Double Staff move in the moves section where I make lots of comments about the poi/staff mechanical similarity.Josh



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well done pj!i remember when i first started staff. Things were never the same in my Poi or staff teqnique. My spinning style is now influenced equally through both the disciplines.


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Posted:Ha, talk about synchronicity, two. I had a similar experience last night, except it was a bit visa versa. I have just taken up Poi and I was trying some of my Double Staff moves with Poi. Ha, next thing you know I me weaving away and having a great time. I must say its a great buzz when you get a weave going.
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