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Carpal \'Tunnel
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Posted:Drug Free Spinning.

Over the years I've noticed that a lot of people associate spinning with drugs and clubbing; recently I've had a few discussions with spinners who, like me, don't take drugs or go to clubs.

They have said pretty much the same thing, that a lot of the spinners they encounter seem to assume that they're into drugs and clubs.

I wanted to post this thread to open up some kind of discussion on 'clean spinning', primarily so spinners who are drug free, or thinking of becoming so can be made aware that there are plenty of us out there who don't feel the need to take drugs.

When you're young or a student, as many who are attracted to poi are, it's very easy to find yourself in an environment where drug taking is seen as the norm and where to be clean is associated with being dull, unadventurous, fearful or boring.

Drugs are, by their nature, far easier to get into than to get out of, not just because of the addictive nature of the substances, but also because of the social groups that become based around the aquisition and consumption of the substances.

From experience I know that drug taking is like a maze with very few exits; even when you know that you no longer want to be inside it, it can take years of searching until you find your way out.

Here I'm talking about all drugs, including tobacco.

I wanted to raise this subject in the hope that those of us who are ex/non drug takers can post their opinions and offer hope to others who are in a dilema.

I have tried to not put down drug users in this post because I don't want it to turn into a pro/cons of drug taking thread; Malcolm has made it quite clear that he doesn't want illegal drugs promoted on this site.

So, if you are of the opinion that drugs are good, please don't ruin this thread by posting pro drug arguments.

Similarly, if you despise drugs, please don't post opinions that are likely to incite pro druggists to respond.

However, if you are an ex drug taker who has, like me, discovered that a life without drugs is not only bearable, but infinitly richer than a life with them, or if you are someone who hates what you are putting into your body but feel that you can't escape; then feel free to post your experiences/advice.

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Posted:caffeine tends not to do it really for me...I guess if Im tired im tired and have to deal with it... but its just easier to take something to keep me up...just some of the other effects are not as fun as they used to be...

I love getting into the flow of dancing and it is easily done and feels great but if the music doesnt appeal to me even if its just one song my energy just toally depletes halfway through...sometimes takes ages just to get back into that frame of mind.... frown and i like to dance!

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Posted:I have learnt that you should never drink alcohol before spinning.

Not because you are going to hurt yourself, but because you are going to forget where you have put my poi!!!

Sorry, my bf and his friend lost my poi over the weekend, probably hanging in a tree someware, but the garden looks like a jungle... ubbcrying

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Posted:Well someone's got to fly the flag!!

I really REALLY enjoy spinning when thoroughly mashed. It's fantastic. I can lose myself and get into the flow of the music a lot more, jump around, try out new tricks and ignore it when people are watching. Also more inclined to talk to people who come up and say "ooh can I have a go?" and give impromptu lessons, thereby having a good time and helping others to have a memorable night too.

Of course the ability to spin properly decreases with level of intoxication and tiredness, but there's a peak early- to-mid-way in the cycle when I feel I'm spinning at my best. Of course this is probably inaccurate and I'm not as good a spinner (not that I'm at all 'good') as when I'm sober, but I don't care, I'm having a good time.

Spinning when b0ll0xed is great. In my opinion.

Know your substance, know your source. Results may vary.

NB: the above applies to spinning socks or glow, not fire. DEFINITELY not fire. Enjoy responsibly.


lurking like a ninja with no camouflage..
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Posted:very true, t2w8x indeed, there is a point when its perfect, but then another activity/conversation/whatever takes over...naturally. Nah I do agree its fun..

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*Green Spirit*
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Posted:The first time I ever spun fire I was on pills...and considering that had been my first ever spinning experience(With a large staff...I was a majorette when I was 8), I handled it very well. That's not to say that I would do so now, infact...after a good few years of pill popping and nose food...I no longer participate in Drugs, and I have a great time when I go out. Recently I've started spinning again and I just find the more I do it, the more comfortable it feels. But yeah, confidence wise...a lil drink doesn't go a miss!! biggrin

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Posted:Spinning clean? I am a smoker and have to say that this has none of the effects that most other "drugs" have. Nicotene doesn't get you "high" or "mellowed" in the same way other less legal substances do.

I am also an alcoholic. Well, that is that whilst my drinking is not out of control I have come to terms with the fact that you can never be a recovered addict, you simply learn to deal with your problem or you don't. This is often very dependant on the people arround you. The support of your freinds and family.

I don't take chemicals and I avoid prescription medicine unless I'm really suffering. Whilst i may struggle with keeping to the "occasional drink" I would rather deal with this then swear off drink completely. Though some of the times I've been sober and totaly on the wagon have been the best times and expeiriences of my life.

I guess my expeirience is that you are the only person that can control your drug habbit whether its prescription or class A's. If you find a drug addictive then its probbably bad for you in some way or another as most unnatural substances we take are gennerally bad for us in some way. Its just whether or not the drugs bennifits outway the downside. (ie antibiotics) or not (ie my excessive alcohol consumption)

But for those of you that are "clean spinners" fair play to you all I envy your personal strength as people.

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Shirt-Cocker Extraordinaire
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Posted:I just want to ask all the non-drug users and the drug users to get along. And stop trying to evangelize the other party. When one wants to quit using drugs, or to start using drugs, its not hard to find someone "on the other side".


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There hasn't been any arguing or evangelizing yet! Not since this thread was resurrected anyway. Far as I see it there's just been people stating their preferences and personal experiences.

Leave your calls for clemency till we're actually at each others' throats!



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Posted:This thread reminds me of a conversation I had with some friends in Guatemala. The theory was that after you picked up the hang of speaking in Spanish, there came a window in which you would speak more fluidly after having had a drink or two.

You would kind of loose your inhibitions and stop concentrating so hard on the formation of your words, their meanings, their pronunciations.

But as you continued to become more intoxicated, you would start slurring words to the point that even your native language was pretty unintelligible.

Same could be said of spinning. When you are practicing to get the hang of a move or two, you want to be able to focus, concentrate on forming your planes and timing your crossovers, etc. After you have the hang of it, if you find you start making a lot of mistakes simply because of onlooker attention, it may be because you are concentrating TOO hard.

So if you can find a way to "distract" your mind, whether it be through one method or another, you start to loosen up and allow your muscle memory to take a bit more control. Hopefully the result is a renewed smoothness to your spin.

But the more you intake, the sloppier your control will become. Its an inevitable result of allowing your body to become overly distracted from the task at hand.

And like so many above me posted, this is not for Fire. Fire, imo, isn't your friend. Its a beast to be respected and watched. The moment you take your eyes off of it, it is likely to bite you.

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Posted:i have a friend who we both have been learning poi together at different raves. she does MDMA and i am strictly sober. I have noticed that i am able to figure out tricks aa lot faster then her in those instances. however she has ben able to figure out a lot of stuff faster then me outside of the raves when she drug free so it definitly has an effect on being able to learn tricks.


The Death Card
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Posted:I love spinning sober, I love spinning high. there are reasons to do both. weed opens up new states of mind, but sobriety allows for much more clarity.

spinning drunk, I hate. even one beer and I start to feel sloppy.

spinning on acid, now that's just about my favorite thing in the world. glowing light trails and acid were meant for each other.

I haven't really spun on mdma. don't really like that stuff. but I imagine it would be a lot of fun.

this is all flowlights. I don't mix fire and substances.

and now you have my two cents smile

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