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Posted:Running a new poll to see if there are more of left handed or right handed people performing these arts.Left handed people can be more "mystical, musical, creative, visual-pictorial and more of a pattern seeker"Right handed people can be more "step-by-step reasoning, logical, mathematical, talkative, and more of a pattern user" I write with my left hand and play cricket and golf right handed. And manage to play badminton left or right handed
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But I like to think of myself as left handed
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Posted:come on you no how thats gonna turn out, right handed obviously, cause were just the best
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Posted:Right handed and sighted personally........

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Posted:I'm Ambidextrous...

I switch my right and my left with everything.
LOL, you should see the look on peoples faces when your doing notes on a meeting and suddenly switch your pen to your other hand and just continue writing.

It's just one of those small things that make meetings fun...

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Posted:I'm mostly left hand dominate, slightly ambidextrous. I write and eat with my left, cut with scissors and play guitar with my right, etc...

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Posted:I'm left handed, in that that's what I instinctively use etc, but I eat right handed and for some reason my right hand picks ups poi/staff tricks faster...

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Posted:I am Right handed But I practice working both equaly.

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Posted:I am semi ambidextrous.


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Posted:I'm right handed but I use a computer mouse left handed most of the time

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