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MUCH to my pleasure and surprise... went out for lunch today and found poi!

Our offices are part of a business complex and they do little friday-lunchtime activities - games etc, minigolf mostly today. but there's also a box of toys...

including two pairs of poi, a diablo and other spinny bits! so that was a happy lunch spent spinning and chatting with a nice lad who was diablo'ing

still no five-beat luck tho but a better way to spend lunch at work for sure

ramble over, please change channel/topic


GlåssDIAMOND Member
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works from home, lives in clapham, juggles on the common most days
where are you in clapham?

whoop whoop


frostypawGreat balls of fire
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Location: Tunbridge Wells, Kent

In the old town, near the Sun/Frog and Forget-me-not....

tis only a short walk to the common but the flatmate and i often practise in the garden - less wind eh and closer to first aid lol

work is miles off in Chiswick, right near matthew b-m who i hope to join up with for a lunchtime twirl on turnham green at some poi-nt - they're trying to be a very 'cool' workplace which usually backfires, but this bit i'm glad of!!!

shall have to haul some paraffin in lol *ahem* down boy.


mechBRONZE Member
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that sucks, i have to end up teaching ppl at work like my bosses son whos 10!


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They let you swing without moaning? Last time I took mine to work I got a right bollocking from the security woman over maybe hitting someone. Considering I was in the middle of a vacant lot with no one within 50 yards the sarcasm in my apology to The Invisible Man went right over her head.

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frostypawGreat balls of fire
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Location: Tunbridge Wells, Kent

Yup! they're nice like that... no doubt our actually bosses Would complain - they gave me some very funny looks when i came back from a lunchbreak carrying many litres of paraffin - but the estate management lot are a bunch of well... hell they provided the toys eh

will just use it as an excuse to take it a stage further when the chance arises and to take my own out at lunch (none of those cheap crappy nasty grip things that they had)


triple wordscoremember
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I also get to poi @ work.

Thats only coz i work right by a big lake which has a sandy bit next to it (if u get wot i mean)

So when i have no little kids to serve ice-cream to, i can go out and have a spin, which makes my job alot more interesting

Untill i get little kids looking and asking to have a go. I'm a nice person, i let them have a go. But there hasn't been 1 kid yet that has no hit themself over the head.

But wot can i say i aint gonna stop the little souls from experienceing poi!

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frostypawGreat balls of fire
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Location: Tunbridge Wells, Kent

poi/pain what's the different hey


Matthew B-MLemon-Aware Devilstick-wielding Operative
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poi is not pain when you do it correctly. Actually just to go back. Even when I do it in the park at my work (down the road from frostypaw's), people still come close to walking into me, grrrr.

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I never had a box of toys at work.

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Always make time to play in the snow.

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I'm slowly breaking in my new workplace to my other source of income...

Started off with balloon flowers for ladies who were having birthdays and balloon motorbikes for the guys.

That progressed to juggling on my breaks to help with RSI and now I get to use the huge spacious training room when it is vacant to do clubs and staff in.

Slowly the rumours will circulate and I'll become either "that cool guy" or "that wierdo", depending on who is doing the thinking...

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Rick aka LokiBRONZE Member
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heh... uuh... yeah, I spin poi at work, too. Almost every day. Only for about three or four minutes at a time, though.

Then later we pass the hat.

-Rick aka Loki
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BethMiss Whippy
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i wish i could spin or juggle at work but i work in quite a small bank so theres no room at all.
Plus, as im only 17 and part time, i only work mornings so i dont get a chance
ahh well, i just head down the beach afterwards and get tourists taking pics and going ooooo and ahhhhh. Least they dont ask to have a go spesh as i usually spin with beamers during the day

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