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Posted:I was watching Sky news yesterday and found myself watching as they reported a fifty-fifty chance of Britain having it's hottest day ever. It was nearly exciting as they reported 1 in 4 people heading for the beach and all. Where would get the record and all that.

Now I'm loving the weather as much as anyone and actually have a colour without being on holiday's which I would normally say is paradoxical but....
Surely my benefit affects someone else badly?

I know it was sky news but I found it a bit worrying that they never once mentioned all the funky weather going on around the world and that it is very wrong for it to be this hot and all.

Found this today...World Meteorological Organization

Does anyone else think we should start worrying at least a little? How can we have any idea what's going to happen to the weather next. Remember all them floods in Europe and stuff. Anyway I don't know much about this stuff so I'll leave it there...

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Posted:the weather is mad in england at the moment.

Sunday was recorded as the hottest day ever in the UK, something like 37.9 degree or there abouts in London. But then in the north east (possibly west, my memory sucks) there were flash floods and in cornwall it was all misty and cold.

And aparently the world is heating up so summers are gonna get hotter and hotter. So yeah, id worry and pack sunscreen and a waterproof, just in case!

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Posted:we had the coldest day in 4 years yesterday, a big 9 degree max i know for some of you that doesnt sound that bad at all but we are used to sunshine so 9 is very chilly indeed

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Posted:i wasnt aware you had beaches in Britian!!


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