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  Posted: okay so my question is do guys generally prefer girls to have long or short hair?
the reason i ask is just recently on a number of different occasions when i've been out i've been asked, and i quote "are you a dyke?!" , one guy even asked if i was the chick from Tatu!!(if you haven't guess i have real short hair, a pixie cut if you like)im abit perplexed as to why they asked, and thought maybe it was the hair, are some guys intimidated by girls who are tomboyish?


ps cahnge of subject but maybe you could also enlighten me as to why men wear speedos?!?!!!

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  Posted:this is almost... ALMOST... like the female version of "does size matter"? i mean, femmes generaly think about their hair and make up and shit like.... all the time in terms of getting guys... and guys who don't realise that its all about the quaility rather then quanity worry about the size all the time. i mean, you ask a woman what would she prefer "a guy with a massive member but about as much of an idea of what to do with it as a chimp with a dishwasher, or a more petite version with all the right moves going on?". whats she gonna reply?

a woman's going to go for option number 2 everytime.... except if she likes big dicks... but then thats another matter...

so... in a very lame attempt to relate this to the short/ long hair thing... as long as your not a bitch... guys generaly don't notice if you've got long or short...


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  Posted:It's all good.
I fancy girls with long hair, short hair, dreads, shaved head. cute, cheeky and sexy...yes.

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  Posted:I had long hair for years and got sick of it about 2 years ago, but got sick of it..

I've had a lot more attention from the type of people I've wanted attention off since I had my pixie cut..

But to be honest the person who I'm getting the 'oh so right' type of attention fell in love with me before we even met for the first time. So he doesn't care what lenght I have my hair... he loves my smile ( and my ass )..

But I'm gonna grow my hair again .. coz I've learnt how not to burn my head when spinning

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  Posted:See... I'm not an asshole all the time, just 99.9% of the time

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  Posted:quote:are some guys intimidated by girls who are tomboyish?Sounds like a great excuse to say "why, do ya think you could turn me?" if you fancied them

Guys are fascinated and turned on by it - not threatened. Silly fantasies.

Oh and ROFL at +)'s nice bums post speedos are rarely attractive though - so few men with nice hip-bits




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I have short red hair and get called a dyke on most days dosent really bother me. Most men i know like long hair (something to grab hold of. i would post a picture but i dnot know how. short hair is nice low maintenance.

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