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So last night was the third in what has become a regular weekly gathering of fire types and friends in a local country park.

After the pubs shut we have a campfire, blankets, booze, smokes, guitar, bongos, and of course much spinning of fire and glowing things.

We're about 100m from the nearest house, and we think they are friendly, but last night SOMEONE must have dialled 999 on us.

Just after midnight we see flashing blue lights approaching down the lane and we all think "oh poo". It's a fire engine, I walk down to meet them.

I was a little worried at first but they turned out to be the NICEST FIREMEN EVER. They seemed happy with the campfire, and open tubs of paraffin sitting around, and someone was even spinning staff while they were there.

They left us to it, but took a while to leave the car park. Then about twenty minutes later, more flashing lights approach, and this time it's the police.

They poked around with their torches around the historic barn and stuff next door to our field, and then approached us with "don't worry, we're not here to break up the party" - they were the NICEST POLICEMEN EVER!!

They chatted to us a bit longer, they didn't mind being called out because they had been called away from a pub fight, to investigate a call from someone who thought the barn was on fire.

Recently I've been exposed to a lot of anti-police thinking, on the criminal justice act and brutality and stuff, and this experience really restored my faith. Others in our group said the same.

I am happy.

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Posted:eeep that all sounds really really tragic The best story I have is when a bunch of us meet up in a open park near the beach, and light up. its pretty popular area, but after like 9pm, the only people about are at the clubs up the road. anyway cops walk past, stand there for a while watching. one of the guys walks up and offers them a turn with his Poi they just go "oh.. nah I couldn't do that" and then they walk off

tho apparently after i went, the cops came back and told them to stop playing the drums and singing they were doing at like 3am.

worst story ive had, i was at a concert out in Granville youth centre (shush, 2 great bands was playing!) and there was this group of ppl firespinning afterwards. and they were on the other side of this wirefenced tennis court area. I asked if i could have a go, and they said they had to get all sorts of Council approvals and sign waivers n stuff to perform for us. they even had to have meetings with the council and show what they were doing! that was bad enough for me to imagine.. being abused by cops for meeting in a group of 5 seems waaay overboard

feel sorry for you guys...

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Posted:yeah i got moved on in Gloucester however i was pretty young and stupid then, doing fire devil stick on a busy street outside hmv with no safety equipment. I know, like I said, young and stupid.

But my worst experience was at Reading Festival. Not the real 5-0's but the jumped-up, crazed private security people. They appeared out of nowhere, screaming at us (me on devil sticks, a girl on staff and a couple of guys on poi) to put everything out. When we tried to discuss the matter they forcibly removed our equipment, stamped on my devil stick to put it out, despite having a perfectly good fire blanket nearby, saying they were 'confiscating it'. Could I get it back? Yes, the next morning, although I had to find this out from some other security bloke as those who stole our stuff zoomed of in their fr!ggin quad bike. Next morning, yeah you can have it back if you wait for the security guard who took it'. How long will that be? I ask patiently. 6 hours. Hmmm.

The thing was, we had walked around the festival site (anyone who's been will know this is a massive trek!) to find an empty safe place with room for a few fire artists. We were miles from tents in a sparsely populated part of a car park area.

Their attitude was appalling and I'm now devilstick-less!


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