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Posted:Here's the quote:"To see more about this beautiful art, my favorite resource is www.juggling.co.nz ."and here is where to find it:http://www.jennifersteele.com/shows.htmI think the most impressive part must be spinning fire with all that hair spray!(You'll understand if you visit the site.)-p.

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Posted:Hehehehe....The term wooosh comes to mind!
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And a flaming phallus? Do I want to know???
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Again the term wooosh cums (hehe) to mind!And they have an exoctic fire performer award??? Damn, they have awards for everything don't they?nice find pj..though I won't ask how you came across this one
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Posted:Isn't silicon highly flammable?Hope she has a spotter with a moist
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Posted:I dont think thats the kind of place you will find a moist towel. plenty of moisture, but not a towel in sight
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