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Hey everyone, does anyone know if you need to check if a Theatre/club has a certain type of stage before performing Fire on it? To elaborate I mean are all stage surfaces safe to perform Fire on? I've seen performers perform in clubs where they literally bang the sticks of staffs on the surface of the floor.

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I would always check, just in case. Some indoor venues sometimes use material not strictly fire safe, and safety should always come first. Concrete, tile, and any stonework of course is fine, , as is most wood, as long as it's pretty thick. Personally, I would watch out for highly treated woods, as while it may not burn down the building, the fumes from treated wood are very unhealthy. Some places do use a hard plastic or rubber floor for ease of cleaning and grip. While it most likely won't ignite, I wouldn't recommend letting a toy burn on the ground for any more than as strictly needed

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