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Posted:Hello fellow poi-ers!

I recently had a thought about getting more bodily tone from regularly spinning Poi. As standard, a set of cathedral wick Fire Poi weigh in about about 350-400g (per poi) and a set of triple wick would weigh in at around 1kg (per poi).

I have been spinning my triple set for a while now and am starting to notice they feel lighter, obviously my body is getting used to this higher weight and adapting to it. Does anyone know where I can get some higher weighted Poi or even some 1/2/3kg weighted balls that could be attached to the end on my chains?

Having a look around, I haven't yet spotted anything that would work for what I am after, so hoping someone in the community has some ideas for me!

Thanks! :)

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In about 3 weeks we will have the rope again to make the Extra large Monkey Fist.
They are 800g per Monkey Fist knot (excluding fuel).

May your balls always burn


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