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Does someone know were i can take lessons at Poi spinning in holland (near the hague) ?? Please help me, i really want to learn more from a serious pro, but i don't know were to go here in holland xxx qop

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Check out the Dutch spinners thread which is strangely in the cross-continental relay section...

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Hiya, welcome to hop.
Checkc out this thread for dutch Poi peeps.

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Hi there, this thread is ancient but if there are still people looking to learn, come to the Castlefest happening ( its a three day thing but you can also go just one day and there is a specially designated Poi area. we're trying to get a big group of people together to meet!

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Try some of the DVD'S Home Of Poi have to offer you can learn alot. encyclopoidia is a good one for advanced Poi techniques.

I'm looking to learn in Ommen zwolle or Kampen , can anyone help ;)