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Dear HOP community,

I did not find this in the forum, I hope there's not already a thread with that topic.

I am very interested in colored flames. As probably most of you know, you can buy red and green at the HOP shop. My interest now lies in blue, I want to spin with blue flames, it would be a dream come true. However I do not know if there's a color like you can buy here or if you have to mix something in your chemistry lab.
Does anyone of you guys know anything about blue flames or how to "create" a fuel for blue flames?

Also, feel free to talk about any colored flames here!


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im guessing you were mostly looking through forums, i remembered looking into this myself and stumbled across this in the FAQ

i have used green and red dyes from HoP and they worked quite well (i was using heads id used for a long time with paraffin though so the colour didnt really come through as much as id hoped) and ive also used potassium chloride i got from a friend who works in a lab to make lilac flames and it worked brilliantly (despite using the same heads as with red+green, the lilac colour came out a lot stronger, just wish i had gotten a few pics lol). i do want to try blue (...and nearly every other colour) in the future but im waiting until i get a new set of Poi so i can have 'colour' and 'normal' sets, that way im not wasting money on dyes that dont come out very clearly

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How did you get the potassium chloride to dissolve? I have potassium chloride and everything from denatured alochol to 100% pure methanol. I can't get the metal salts to dissolve.

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I can't get KCl to dissolve either. :(

If I shake the fuel can just before dipping I can get an okay mixture/suspension, but I find the flame mostly orange with only a hint of pink. :(

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So I tried dissolving KCl into a bit of water in hopes to mix the solution into the meths. Even in water I got a cloudy mixture and it didn't take long for the stuff to settle at the bottom after adding alcohol.

Not very impressed with KCl.