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FireDragonSILVER Member
1 post
Location: USA

Does anyone know what happened to Riz?
I've ordered from him 3 times before and been quite happy with his product and delivery.
My last order for 2 Whips went unfulfilled.
There were many emails exchanged, but skipping that drama the end result:
All contact with him or the people claiming to be him or work for him has ceased. No further responses and the email addresses and phone numbers are out of service. I am owed 2 Whips or a refund on more than $500 USD.

Any contact or information would be greatly appreciated.

MalcolmSAPPHIRE Member
HOP admin
1,050 posts
Location: New Zealand

Sorry, we've noticed he disappeared also. Hope he is OK and you get your money back.
If you paid via paypal or credit card you can always make a claim of items not delivered and get your money back.

May your balls always burn

gem_darwin1SILVER Member
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Location: United Kingdom

I ordered one over 2 years ago, paid over $200, it never came, all emails ignored, now i see that the site has been removed, fuming >:(

can't claim on paypal as it has been too long, does anyone know the guy who run it?

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