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Member Since: 24th Aug 2007
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Posted:Poi Classes available in 3 levels.

From the complete Beginner, advancing to dancing while spinning Fire Poi.

Level 1 - learn the history and basic poi moves windmill, butterfly, weave and their many variations.

Level 2 - add belly dance combonations to these poi moves.

Level 3 - learn how to spin and dance with fire poi comfortably and safely.

Classes run over Spring and Summer, at New Brighton.

Text me for a flyer with further information weavesmiley

021 261 4539

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Lara Prd

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Posted:Hi !
I would like to know if there are still poï classes for beginners in New Brighton in Spring and Summer. Is it possible to have more details (the location, the price and the day). Thank you in advance for your answer,
Kind regards,



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