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Posted:Hi guys,

I am making my first set of poi, and am using 2" wide kevlar.

I have created my own little twist on the crown knot, and what this guy does here:

Basically I'm using 3 pieces of kevlar to create a head like this:
That's just a little test I did using an old belt as a 3rd piece of kevlar (didn't want to cut my full length strips down yet).

The guy in the video uses Elmers Glue to secure the ends of his kevlar at the top of the head where his folds end. Has anybody had experience with using Elmers like this? Will it really hold up for the lifetime of the poi?

This is also the first set of poi I've ever made, so if you have any thoughts about the fold or construction of this I'd be happy to hear!

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Posted:i cant see the video you linked but the glue should be more of a bit of extra safety, the knot itself should be tight enough to hold itself together really

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