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AliceJones"We're all mad here!"
9 posts
Location: FL

I checked out the thread list and it seemed like the relevant ones were pretty old.
I'm looking for some one in the central Florida area to spin with.
Must be kid friendly. peace
Preferably some one who could come to a park near by until we get to know one another, then I have 8 acres here. Kick butt site for camping, spinning and hangin!

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samarooBRONZE Member
3 posts
Location: USA

Hola. I'm a spinner from Orlando. smile

PhoenixFusionBRONZE Member
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Location: East Coast US, USA

Hi! I've been looking to meet others in the CFL area too. I'm from Merritt Island/Melbourne but staying in South Carolina most of the time right now because my Husband works at the Air Base. We drive back at least once a month and may be moving back permanently as soon as September. Would definitely like to meet up sometime! We have 2 kids and several pets, and we love camping smile

In fact, we are coming down May 20-22 for the Orange Blossom Jamboree in Brookesville. It's a really nice music and arts festival held on the Sertoma Youth Ranch. It's family friendly, too! I don't know other than our group which other Fireflies/Hoopers/Bellydancers will be there, but we are doing our own theme camp, "The Phoenix Nest", and you, your kid(s) and pet(s) are welcome to join us. There are still tickets availible at
Kids under 12 are free and pets are welcome grin
Btw, our kids have already got their own set of Sock Poi ;D


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FirespeakerBRONZE Member
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Location: Florida, USA

Ocala here! I'm as new as it gets, but definitely looking for people to hang with. if anyone is interested :D

LamiaBRONZE Member
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Location: Daytona Beach, FL, USA

Daytona Beach area here. I'm just starting out but would love to know some people who are interested in spinning too!!

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Heyo! I know this is mad old, but is anyone here interested in spinning together?

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