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Hi everyone !
I really want to get a charcoal hoop, have some of you ever built charcoal gear and know where I can find information and tutorials about this, or where I could buy one maybe ?

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this is for Poi but same principles apply into the cages (first vid is creating Poi cages, 2nd is creating charcoal and 3rd is for staff/club -no hoop mentioned tho) he also has another video that shows some cage designs from around the world (afaik most are for Poi but should show you the basic design principles you need). You are probably able to buy them (etsy is the most likely spot i think) but its cheaper to do it yourself and isnt difficult if you have a design in mind from the start -i finished my first pair of cages in about an hour and a half and can do them in 15-30mins now

as for recommendations in attaching it i can think of a couple things like longer spines and you will probably need gloves when using it (with the clubs gloves were a necessity as the sparks were guaranteed to be flying around my hand placements haha) but im not sure on the best method for keeping it attached to the spines -though with clubs+staff the cages could be attached in the same way as kevlar without too many problems

note: i am definately not an expert (i learned off the vid i linked above and through trial+error) but i can help if you need any advice

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