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I'd love to throw a buzz saw (from backwards) into my routine but don't know how to transition out of it. Any help please?

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i started writing it out but wasnt making any sense, videos work better grin if you can do some/most/all of the stuff in the video then take the tip (about halfway through vid) of letting one arm swap sides first but instead of going into a buzzsaw when bringing your other arm over, go into a weave (3 beat weave seems to work best with buzzsaws) and once youre used to that you should hopefully figure out the timing of swapping between the buzzsaw and weave without needing the turn. if that doesnt work then with your arms extended and pointing away from each other you should be able to bring your hands together to do a butterfly.

thats similar to how i started transitioning between moves early on, if you want to try learning stalls (see link below) then they can make transitioning between any moves happen almost instantly, though they take a lot of practice to control smoothly

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