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YamoSILVER Member
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Hello everyone! I am looking for a type of Fire Sword I briefly heard about called a "Dragon Sword." It may be called something else in other circles, but apparently it is a Fire Sword with a hollow tube which you can fill with some type of "dry fuel," such as sklitter, so that when you swing the sword, the dry fuel is released and it "slings" out a trail of fire.

ABOB - Pois'n'us
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never heard of a production version but heard of people who have made them for themselves; trick for a safe spray mechanism is storing the powder in the handle which has a lock you can activate at the bottom of the hilt (so you can activate mid-performance) and a removable cap at the end of the blade so the tube doesnt get wet when the sword is soaking (take off cap after soaking but before lightiing). the main problem is that after each use you need to clean the end, so the podwer doesnt clump and cover the hole at the end, without the inside getting wet so usually they are only used once in a show

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