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Forums > Social Chat > Salt Lake City Looking for Spinners ANYONE??

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Member Since: 17th Sep 2015
Total posts: 1
Posted:I recently moved to Salt Lake City from Colorado and found no one that spins poi let alone even knows what it is, this might just be the most non knowlegable poi state out there. Anyone wanna get together a spin?


Location: New Mexico
Member Since: 18th Oct 2010
Total posts: 7
Posted:I work in SLC fairly often and would love to meet up to spin next time I'm there. Too bad I didn't see this last week haha!


Member Since: 17th Mar 2015
Total posts: 2
Posted:DUDE! You are insane! You are in the luckiest city to spin poi. Justin Hinde is there, Wyatdavisspinspoi, and a bunch of other amazing spinners. I envy you. I seriously hope you see this message because if you don't link up with these guys you'll be missing out. They meet every sunday and have huge circles. Look up "Play Utah" on Facebook And connect with Justin Hinde. He's one of the dopest spinners you'll ever see.