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Posted:Hey everyone, I am going to be moving in around heidelburg germany, only guy I know who spins, or actualy know at all there is my buddy Freddy... anyone around the area?

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Posted:Heidelberg is a beautiful area.
I went there once on a school exchange based in Bensheim.

But anyway, sorry I cant be of any help!
I hope you find the spinners you are looking for smile


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Posted:I think Ma'Tina is in Heidelberg... or was...

Not sure.

Seems vaguely familiar though smile

Getting to the other side smile


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Posted:heya wave
yes, i am sometimes in heidelberg, but not actually living there, but i still know some incredible spinners from this area....so if you wanna know some nice places to spin or to meet up with other spinners or if you even would like to experience one of the most chilling and wonderful alternative places where you can spin and have food and drinks for nearly nothing.....just contact me via pm! wink

- Ho Sa -
kisses & peace & love to beautiful madges
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Posted:This post is super old, but I just moved to Heidelberg! Are there any spinners around that want to meet up??


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Posted:Hey ! Yeah I'm around! xD Just started spinning and know almost nothing but if that's okay for you we can meet up and spin together. Would be great to actually get to know some spinners. :)


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