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Posted:So I am new here, been interested in Poi and Firebreathing for a long time but only recently decided to do something about it.
What was everybody's experiences like of starting out with poi? I'm trying to determine how demanding it is and how easy it is to pick up.
I'm going on holiday next Summer with around 20 people and I'd love to be able to spin by then.
Any advice will be appreciated :)

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Posted:A lot of people started out with our online lessons (in the "Learn" section). Ideally finding a group or someone to teach you in your area.
It is fairly easy to pick up. Progress can be slow at times but huge self-confidence boost once a move is obtained. You will be addicted rather quickly.
There are also DVDs on learning Poi and online guides.
Have a look in "Learn" section and "Shop" links above
Have fun smile

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