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Posted:The Full Moon Fire Jam in Chicago, IL, USA started pretty small around 2004. Does any other city do it?
I just finished a video from the jam on July 1st, 2015. I'd love to get some feedback on how to better shoot fire dance footage.


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Posted:Awesome video. Great sky shots at the start. Very clean video
Only suggestion is adding in some long exposure type video so you see long tails of fire.
Similar to the long exposure fire performing photos you see on the web.
Otherwise very nice mix of footage.

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Kodi R.

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Posted:Nice video. I'm not good with editing or stuff so I guess I gotta leave it at that, lol. But nice.

Also, I live in/near Chicago and I've never heard of this!

Which is probably because I'm a shut-in who can't drive. But still.