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Member Since: 21st Feb 2015
Total posts: 2
Posted:hello all! I'm new to the forum but have been spi9nning for years. I'm going to be moving from england to utrecht in holland and am looking for a new group of fire spinners to meet up with.if you live in or near Utrecht and know of a meet-up or would like to help start one up then give me a shout on here :)

looking forward to meeting you

Location: The Netherlands
Member Since: 25th Apr 2013
Total posts: 1
Posted:Hey, i have a few years of poi experience and i live in Zeist. i would love to meet up some time.


Member Since: 25th Apr 2016
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Posted:Hey everyone,

I hope you'll still read my reply. I live in Utrecht and would love to meet up with any other poi dancers.