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Posted: I'm branching out to 3 Poi and am having a hard time finding tutorial sources that explain the insanity of the triplets. I've become pretty well versed with one hand but can't really seem to translate it over to 3 with a nice feel. I've messed around with it for hours and nothing really bears fruit... Videos from Timmehtek and others are AMAZING, but there's no real tutorials saying like "hey try starting with this or this". Drex has a couple but I have learned those videos and am ready for more. If anyone has ANY video references please share. Thanks in advance!

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Posted:I feel your pain dude! I can't find much on the internet and I so badly want to get into it.... Have you found anything since this post? Please tell me what if you have


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Posted:Hop has some 2 Poi in one hand lessons.
That should help you learn 2 in one hand.
Check out 3 club juggling for ideas
Sorry not much at the moment


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