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Location: Arzo
Member Since: 4th Jun 2007
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Posted:Hi everybody!!!
im wondering if there are some firefreaks in switzerland...but.....hey!!!im sure of it!!!
so...if im talking about you...let me know!!!


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Location: Bristol UK
Member Since: 31st Aug 2004
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Posted:Challo smile

where in Switzerland are you?

I know of people in Zurich, and also in Geneva. there's definitely some in Lausanne, and probably Sion as well.

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Location: Arzo
Member Since: 4th Jun 2007
Total posts: 9
Posted:im probably in the worst place for juggler......i live in Ticino,the italian side of switzerland,really close to the boarder,the only lugk i have here is that i can go in italian convention without many troubles!!!
but i would like to spin fire with somebodyelse,sometimes....or even do some coreografic stuff!
but i think for that i have to move from here.....


Location: Switzerland
Member Since: 10th Oct 2003
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I live in Zrich and would like to meet other fire spinners... or staff or what ever...

please contact



crappy poier.... its always the paraffins fault...


Member Since: 8th Sep 2010
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Posted:I know this is a really old thread, but I'm in the same boat. Staying in zurich for 6 months and I'm starting to really miss the fire community I had back home. I'd love to know if there's any mailing lists/forums/meetups/etc I could join to spin while I'm around the city.


Member Since: 27th Mar 2014
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Posted:Ajo, I don't know about Zurich but there is a small community of jugglers / poi players in Basel. They usually meet on tuesday evenings. Maybe that doesn't help you but maybe you can find some time...?


Member Since: 3rd Sep 2013
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I am in Geneva and I would love to meet some spinners, I am currently trying to advance from a beginner to intermediate.

Please get in touch if your in the area. I really need to motivate myself and spend some more time spinning, obviously it would be more fun if I could practice with others.

I speak English, French and some Spanish, so don't hesitate to say hello in what ever language :-)




Member Since: 5th Mar 2015
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Posted:Hi, i'm moving to swiss in june.
I will be staying in Bienne.
I am a poi spinner and would love to meet other spinners in this new home for me.
I speak english, cantonese, mandarin and french.
Please kindly let me know if there's any meet ups and hope i can meet some awesome spinners soon! =]

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