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does anyone know anybody that does poi in the plymouth area (uk) better still are there anyone who meets up around this area, to play around with the poi.

i need help with tricks though im not in the uk until september



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Posted:You mean business don't you honey


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Posted:have a look thru the meet others section hunny - LOADS of us down that way..

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Posted:im from cornwall, go to plymouth all the time.

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Posted:I will be in Cornwall in September always happy to meet people.

Remind me/us closer to the time I have a memory like a seive.


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Posted:I am looking for people to meet up with to practise fire poi, I have been doing it over three years and would like to find a person or group to practise and create/ learn new moves.

can anyone help? x


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Posted:heyyyyy im in plymouth and ive been spinning for about 4 years so would love to meet up and poi sometime if your still interested xxx


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Posted:If any of you guys are still in Plymouth, still spinning then! hey! ~waves~ I'm always happy to come spin with new people! I'm closer to Tavistock than Plymouth, but hey, thats why man invented Cars. grin

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I'm currently in the Plymouth area, and have recently picked up my Poi again, wondering if there are any Poi groups/clubs in the area, as there is only so much you can learn and improve on your own.


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Posted:hey hey, im around you guys too, just joined up. only been spinning a year but id like to get to meet more spinners too!
we should rally some peeps together ^^



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Posted:ME Tooo!! im near plymouth i wanna spin, weathers picking up now, weres a good place to go? :))