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I'm confused.. I was under the impression that Podpoi came with a lifetime warranty but now i can't seem to find anything about it. Am I wrong or does my Podpoi have a warranty?

ZandESILVER Member
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Our Podpoi replacement policy:

If any non-electronic part fails, we will replace it for free.
If the light capsule is defective/not working and not physically damaged (cracks or split shell or water damage), we will replace it for free.
If the light capsule is defective and physically damaged (cracked, split, water damage), we will replace it for $17.50/capsule + shipping and handling

Hayley_WildSILVER Member
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I was also under this impression, at the time I spent a lot of money on these Pod Poi I thought it worth the extra for that peace of mind..... now I'm being told I'll have to buy replacement parts.
I've only used them for one charge and they've been stored for a while due to my health issues. Now I've come to charge them one is not working.
Very upset customer. I've always reccommended Home Of Poi but this has really disappointed me.

MalcolmSAPPHIRE Member
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Our free replacement (with free shipping) warranty is for 12 months, you can still send your item back to Flowtoys for their "lifetime warranty" (however they ask you to pay for the shipping and it may not be covered).

May your balls always burn

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