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Forums > Meet Others > Asheville NC spinners?

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Posted:I live in West Asheville and don't have anybody to spin with.
Anybody want to get together and light some poi on fire or just goof around with some moves, hit me up!
- Bert

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Posted:I'd be down to burn.


Posted:There's a open fire spinning group that meets by the river in the ricer arts district once a week during the summer. Keep and eye out an I'm sure you'll find it. Ashevilles a small place.


Posted:Hi I am new to Asheville and poi but would love to join a flo group to learn. It's winter now does anyone know of some inside practice or local groups?


Posted:Hey jewelee, there's a spin jam at the downtown YMCA every Thursday from 8pm to 10. It's been going on for about 7 years now and has a pretty steady turnout. The Facebook page for that is "hoop/spin flow-arts jam at Asheville YMCA". There's also a fire jam every Tuesday night at a bar called the bywater that goes through the winter. The Facebook page for that is "Bywater fire jams"
Hope that helps, sincerely Huq.


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