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Posted:Dear colleagues,
Fire show is an important part of the life of each of us: it is our job, our passion or just a hobby. Our friend Kostya from the group Fogo (Voronezh, Russia) is now in a situation in which any of us, who has worked with fire, could be. As a result of an accident during one of the shows - an explosion, both of his hands have been torn away. His hands have been amputated up until the middle of forearms. The only hope for him to get back to normal life is getting bionic prothetic arms. They are expensive and would require around 100 000 us dollars, but if we all try to help together, it will be possible to collect this amount. During different events, half of this sum has already been donated.
Many fire show performers here in Russian are organising street performances in order to help collect the necessary sum. It would be great if our colleagues in other countries could join as well. You can also organise a performance on the streets of your city and transfer the collected money to the designated bank account. The bank account details are provided below. Also, during the performances you could give away flyers, you could make posters or t-shirts in order to explain to those who will donate what the money is meant for.
Also, you can just send Kostya a video with wishes to get well soon. It would cheer him up!
We'd be grateful for any help to our friend and colleague.

Details for the transfer of funds:

for RUB - R183548201659
for USD - Z302563015526
for EUR - E133527620426
for UAH - U859595908657

Kostya to the incident and after the tragedy

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Non-Https Image Link

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Posted:Interview with Kostya from Voronezh (Russia) in TV-show
show English subtitles


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Posted:Hi guys,
just want to write a short comment, in case if you don't know the topic starter, but know me (I participated in COL couple of times), and you want to make sure it's not a fraud or something. I may assure you that this sad story indeed took place a few weeks ago. So we really ask everybody for help. In fact the most part has already been collected as far as know, so there is not much left to make it true.
If you have any questions about the matter don't hesitate to ask me as well.


Posted:Fund raising's over!


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Posted:Congratulations!! Does that mean the new bionics are being built? I'd love to see some progress updates if possible?

Let's relight this forum ubblove


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