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DA Circle
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Posted:Hey you Poi addicted out there..!
First time that I write here., because I want to share with you all my Poi expiriences, I made in the past years.
At first: I am working on a very new, very inovative project to get music and Poi together. The Idea is to promote unknown musicans all over the world with poi-clips on Youtube (
Now I did a Megamix for several musicans and got it together with the best of my past poi-clips. Sharing this means to me, to share all the great expirience of Poi spinning - this uniquie flow together with great music. I hope you'll enjoy!

It won't be the last "Poivolution" (:
If you like it, you maybe want to check out my channel on youtube- and support with me all these young musicans! (:

Greetings from Germany!
- DA Circlie

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Posted:Kind a good.... ;)