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Hello Everyone,
It is a struggle to find others who fire twirl regularly. There are no workshops or centres which others can meet. There are no classes for children or adults.
We are rare.
I am about to begin an adventure. I have contacted several schools and will be starting to teach basic poi, staff, batons, fans and hoops.
I am looking to the fire community to help start 1 persons dream. This will lead to many more fulfilling theirs.

Please back this project. If not, thats ok. Please share it.
It just starts with person.

Imagine going to a gym that has everthing YOU want. You have an area to spin poi, staff, fan ect. Their is a place for arial fabric and trapeze. Mini-tramp extreme ravercise and other forms of "creative" exercises. Now imagine these are "mainstream" and are as available to the community as a set of dumbells.
This is the beginning, the end will amaze you.


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Posted:lets do it. almost like the Detroit flyhouse aka circus?


Posted:Yeah, detroit flyhouse sounds great. We.need something like that in australia. It is a very pretentious world. Some performers or professionals feel they are not unique if fire twirling or circus skills are available to everyone.