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Forums > Meet Others > Poi spinners in Netherland?

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Posted:Hey, ik ben Tamara.
Ik zou graag andere poidansers willen ontmoeten, het liefst rond de omgeving Eindhoven.
Het zou fijn zijn als ik samen met iemand zou kunnen oefenen en beter kan worden.
Laat maar weten als je interesse hebt. ;)

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Posted:Hi Tamara,

My name is Natacha and I live with my boyfriend in Gouda, near Rotterdam.

Will be totally cool to meet with other spinners in NL!!!!


Posted:Gerard from Den Bosch here, 35yo -- just got started a few weeks ago, working my way through a beginner course now with sock poi. Ordered monkey fist fire poi at home of poi, going to play with those as well when they arrive! Let me know if you would like to meet up some time, should be fun :)


Posted:Hey Gerad,

Sorry for the late reply, I don't come very often on the forum :)

Are you still interested in spinning in rotterdam?

I think we could start sweet little community to jam and support each other here.

I will send you my email.




Posted:Hey guys,
Sorry that i responded so late.
Natacha didn't you get a private mail from me?
And Gerard how are you doing now with your poi?
I just started to play with fire ;)
It would be nice to meet up with you sometime.



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