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Posted:Hey guys. I haven't found anything like this anywhere, so you are my last hope.
Check out this video.
The effect I am looking to find is in 0:59 minutes. The torches that spit fire, also around 1:28 same effect with staff.
I have seen this in many videos also used with Fire Swords and so on. By the looks of flame white gas is used (Correct me if I am wrong?). And it looks to me that the tools are pressurised, and then the switch is pressed they start spitting fire. I have alot of experience with Fire Spinning, and fire tools making, so I know the risks of pressure vessels and flammable liquids.
It would be very helpful if you could explain how to make this effect. Better yet maybe there is a tutorial flying around internet (haven't found anything even remotely close).
Also general thoughts and ideas are welcome. In return will give you insights on how the building progress is going.
Sorry for my English, its not my native language.

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Posted:i might be wrong but it looks like there are fireworks involved for those bits; if you pause at 1min 36seconds you can see tubes on the staff which may come from using fireworks. its also possible that they just propel fuel from these similar to how a smoke grenade would release smoke, though that could be more dangerous than the fireworks

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Posted:I havent seen fireworks burning like this (and I do spin fireworks, taped to stuff). It looks as if flame is "liquid" if you get my idea. Also those tubes seen on staff could be so kind of fuel containers. Aaaand I have no idea. I imagine trying to fill a small pressure tank with fuel and spinning it while burning would be a stupid idea to try to.