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Forums > Technical Discussion > Fire poi with prescription eyewear?

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Posted:Oddly I've google'd and searched this site, but haven't found anything. So, does anyone have advice/experience regarding prescription eyewear while doing fire poi? By prescription I mean prescription contact lenses, corrective eyeglasses, etc. I'm guessing contact lenses are a no go, and I should use sports goggles, etc?


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Posted:i wear glasses for seeing things far away, generally i dont take them off for performances unless asked by a photographer beforehand, usually this is only 1-2 burns tho and i stay a bit more static to avoid straying to close to the audience and photographer, but ive never really had an issue with them being damaged (despite 2 direct hits to them from a fire staff). ive tried one time use contact lenses but within a minute of lighting up they dry out so i doubt i'll ever use them again

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Posted:Odd. I never thought about that, I always just wore my contact lenses. I don't like playing with my glasses in general because glasses end and beyond them, your sight suddenly turns bad. I hate that feeling when moving around quickly so it was always the contact lenses. I never got into trouble. No drying out, no other problems.
I guess if you hit your face you'll have more urgent problems than your contact lenses...

Smoke can dry out contact lenses, of course, but since I'm used to that I may simply not have noticed any effect.


Posted:...I've got to add something. Last weekend I played again - with contact lenses as usual - no problem at all. Later at the tent / fireplace I took out my contact lenses for the night and suddenly the smoke of the fire became a real pain in my eyes. I often notice that effect, e.g. when cutting onions as well. Since ABOBer92 says it doesn't work I guess you'll have to try out what works best for you.


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