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Posted:Hey there!

I'm buying the pro series fire poi but i want to buy the full set in a small so (22 inches from tip of wick to tip of fingerloops) but i also want to buy another chain so i can switch the chains out when my much taller friend wants spins them. but he wants them medium.

so the question is that when i get a pair chain it says the measurements are form tip of handle to the tip of the quick link. so I'm confused of which chain to get if i want a 22 inch set and a pair chain to make it a 24 inch set?

Thanks for any help :)

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Posted:any help?


Kombi guy
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Kombi guy

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Posted:Hi Brian,

There are a few things to consider here one being that if you are looking at purchasing the Pro series chains then they are welded, even onto the swivels etc........

If you email me directly chris@homeofpoi.com I can then give you some suggestions etc so that this can be easily arranged with you.

Many thanks

Happy spinning



Posted:what length of chain should i get, im 5'7" or 5'8" tall


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Posted:Size M (medium) should do the trick smile

May your balls always burn


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