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Posted:I like spinning my firepoi's but I need something heavy to use as a training. The gym isn't for me and I could use some extra muscles. Since playing with POI's uses a lot of muscles it would be a great way to gain some extra muscles while losing a bunch of fat.

I wish the starting weight to be around 3KG for each POI. After some training I wish to be able to increase the size.

I don't wish to spend a lot of money and I need it to be safe. I don't wish to end up having a concusion or broken bones due to playing POI.

I was thinking about buying steel chains for bigger dogs. You can wrap these around your wrists so you don't have any problems with the weights on your fingers. I need something to use as the end part though. Most heavy things that are easy to use as a POI can damage you pretty easily.

What are your thoughts on how to make this?

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Posted:you could go for lead weightballs for fishing and put them in a tennisball. buy small grain lead( i suggest 1-2mm) and make a small slit in a tennisball, you can put the lead in with a funnel and tape it up again with ducttape or other strong tape, wrap it round good, you dont want leaks. before taping it, make a strong attachement for the chain around the tennisball that can't slip off.
it won't win a beautycontest but i guess you get a pretty awesome weight to start with.
my personal opinion is that you'd better train up to the 3kg because spinning the poi increases it's 'weight/force' substantially.


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Posted:I second the idea of small grain lead or other, granular weights with a little room for them to shift. Much less damage when you hit yourself compared to spinning blocks of concrete.

Otherwise, buckets of water? smile

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