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Hi, amateur firebreather here, discovered this site some days ago. Im currently practicing heavily for a performance but i have a few problems:
1: when i try to hold the flame and breathe slowly the flame either dies out and i waste fuel or the flame gets too close to my face is there a technique for continueous breathing?
2: when i try to make a big fast fireball i never get the size i want, is it because of my spitting technique or my lung capacity?

Any other tips are greatly appreciated

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1. im assuming that youre looking to do a dragonbreath like this
where you are able to take the flame away and continue firebreathing for up to 3seconds (...though it can feel like 3minutes when you first start doing it lol). in the pic, where the flame is closest to my mouth is where i start holding the fire wand/end of a fire staff; roughly 15cm away from your mouth as this keeps the pressure high which i believe is what helps keep the flame going. for technique, i use same amount of paraffin but slowly spray it by spraying a thin layer off my tongue, as you spray you slowly lower your tongue down so its a constant thin layer. if youre already doing this and stop because its too close to your face, if youre using paraffin then it shouldnt come any closer than it is in the picture i linked -though be careful how many times you do it as while the flame doesnt touch you, the heat can still crack your lips/skin and too often could leave minor burns

2. to increase size and length of time when firebreathing i experimented to see how little paraffin i could use and still get a good result -this resulted in me improving my technique which has led me to be able to fairly-accurately choose exactly how big or how long i want the flame to be, also in combining this with the dragonbreath technique i am able to get 5-6 small blasts out from one mouthful of paraffin

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